Competitive strength

All YamYam to Go dishes are prepared at production facilities in the Netherlands and Thailand, which can supply outlets around the world. This model provides YamYam to Go with the following competitive advantages:

  • Lower CAPEX costs & quick construction

    A YamYam to Go outlet does not require any investment in kitchen and/or exhaust equipment. This results in lower capital investments and makes it possible to build an entire outlet in only five working days.

  • Low labour costs

    YamYam to Go does not require staff for on-site food preparation, nor does it require staff with special cooking skills.

  • Product uniformity

    Preparing a YamYam to Go meal does not require any on-site cooking, making it very easy to guarantee that meals will taste exactly the same in all stores.

  • Simple operations

    Thanks to our store operating systems, running a YamYam to Go outlet is extremely simple, resulting in lower training costs and a reduced need for management supervision.

  • Minimum waste

    Thanks to YamYam to Go’s operational model and approach, there is minimum waste generation, resulting in improved food costs.

  • Small premises

    A space of only 15m2 is sufficient to successfully operate a YamYam to Go outlet. This makes the concept suitable for a shop-in-shop format or mobile unit or kiosk.

  • Few permit requirements

    The absence of a kitchen in YamYam to Go’s outlets reduces permit requirements.

  • Food safety

    As a result of the simplicity of YamYam to Go’s operating systems, the number of CCPs (Critical Control Points) is very low. All of our manufacturer’s facilities are fully BCC-A level approved.

  • Flexible menu

    YamYam To Go offers a broad range of high-quality and imaginative dishes that can be adapted to local market preferences. YamYam to Go is also able to offer good options for Halal, organic and vegetarian dishes.

  • Faster service

    The dishes can be heated in only one minute. A staff of only three people is needed to serve up to 180 customers an hour.